Software Support for Rehabilitation Based on Virtual Reality Technologies

Rehabilitation System based on Virtual Reality technologies

BioTrak helps control every detail of the rehabilitation process, is adaptable to each patient's dysfunction, improves motivation and adherence, and optimizes the time spent on rehabilitation.

Program the patient's rehabilitation exercises in a few steps

BioTrak allows the therapist to program in a few steps, customized exercises that fit each patient´s needs.  These exercises can be done with the help of any PC with internet access.  Its powerful web management tool allows the therapist in a quick and easy way, to monitor at all times, the process of the therapy or to modify the parameters of each exercise.

The contents of the rehabilitation program are constantly evolving to adapt to multiple pathologies

Although the current version of BioTrak has a wide range of exercises to work different cognitive and motor impairments, Biotrak also includes in the upgrades, a maintenance service and a set of new exercises to keep up with the patient´s evolution.

Tele-rehabilitation from the patient´s home, and easier than ever

A very usable interface that allows direct launching of the exercises prescribed by the therapist, and that the patients can do from their homes.  The results of the exercises are registered in real time and sent to the therapist.  The module “home” provides a direct line of continuous work without the need to travel to the clinic while ensuring the process of the patient´s rehabilitation.  

Monitor the status and progress of the patient´s rehabilitation thanks to automated reports

One of the most useful utilities of BioTrak, certainly has to do with the ability to automate the extraction of the patient´s history/report.  The patient´s evolution is graphically represented with the exercises conducted by him/her, allowing the therapist to evaluate the improvement in motor or cognitive functions.
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A quick look at BioTrak

What is RHBV?

What is RHBV?

Virtual Rehabilitation (RHBV) is a training based on simulation exercises.

Scientific Publications

Scientific Publications

BioTrak is present in various scientific publications. Know them.

Monitor each exercise

Monitor Each Exercise

Obtain objective data to measure the state standards and patient outcomes.

Allow telerehabilitation

Allow Telerehabilitation

Rehabilitation may be transferred to patients’ homes to reduce costs.

clinically validated

Clinically Validated

BioTrak has been validated in clinics and in hospitals, producing real success stories.

More than 90 recreational exercises

More than 90 Recreational Exercises

Immersive entertaining exercises that improves the patients’ motivation.


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